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This Hosted Solution Does More Than Pull
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Get detailed information on prospects that includes behind the scenes insights and network connections
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Internet Marketer's Income Streams:

Find out what WP plugins sites are using and introduce them to new ones
Discover what other websites companies run and offer multisite deals
Offer the digital products as giveaways
Sell the digital products and keep 100% profit
Offer prospects information on their competitors
Find non mobile-optimized sites and offer a great deal

Offline Marketer's ADVANTAGES:

Get introduced to the main business stakeholders!
Offer additional products to improve the business
Offer competitor intelligence to clients

Dear Sales/Marketing Pro,

Stev Forster here,
Founder and CEO of Next Client

I As you know, finding new clients can be a tedious chore...

You can wade through the Yellow Pages or Google to locate them, visit their site, analyze the company, find out who the key stakeholders are and add their details to a database... or use prospecting software and services that don't always deliver enough useful information. So you still need to spend more time researching prospects.

And calling that progress still could have been true 2 or 3 years ago, however things are changing very rapidly online.

The issue with these methods is they take too long.


Allow Me To Introduce You To A Great Prospecting Program That Is Now Available...

What is it?

It's called NEXT CLIENT.

Next Client is a hosted solution you simply log into and use. It can achieve in minutes what normally takes hours.

It quickly finds prospects in any niche and lets you drill down into each one to discover useful and often hidden aspects about their business that can provide you with a big advantage when tailoring deals. Here's a recent promo.

It is one of the quicked, easiest programs to operate

One Customer Landed His First Client
In Hours Of Using This Software

"I Really Like Next Client!"

I have already used it and got my first customer. It is very easy to
use and I would recommend it to anyone trying to look for
clients online.

Shawn G. Miller

Shawn G Miller

Right now...

A Few "Sales Wizards" Are
Picking The Low Hanging Fruit
With Next Client

Why buy leads that may cost you at least $1,000 to land a "moderate" client?

But It Gets MUCH Worse... In Order To Land Great Clients You Should Know About Their Business And Connect With Them...

Unless you're some kind of multi-talented whizz sales guru, often achieving this yourself is very

You have 2 options:

Option 1 - Do it all yourself (and experience major frustrations)

Option 2 - Outsource (and empty your wallet)

Start Using Super-Fast Software

We've made it easy for you so you can find leads today, even be approaching clients in 5 minutes from now.

It's a simple, easy to use, point and click solution for busy people.

Everything is DONE QUICKLY.

Find hot prospects DONE. Analyze Business DONE. Create hot deals DONE. Locate Connections DONE.



Stellar Quality
Next Client was designed extremely carefully to return data quickly, identify holes in the company's web presense, provide behind the scenes information and more. All the information you need to streamline deals.
Designed For Lead Generation
I'm marketer myself and I've been providing IT services to businesses for the past 20 years. This unique software is like nothing you've ever seen! I built Next Client to help me make informed decisions and get results quickly!
Additional Data For Web Marketers
Sell mobile-optimized solutions that EVERYONE wants or SEO services to company's in need of more customers. You can immediately see who requires these and other services. It's useful data even if you don't sell IT products.
Ready-To-Go, Cloud Based Software
Everything is setup for you. Simply log in, enter a few details and start prospecting! Vital information about a prospect is at your fingertips in just a few seconds. Save and/or Export the results.

Imagine finding unlimited profitable clients whenever you wanted to in just a few minutes. The latest research shows it often takes several hours minimum to find out all the information you need to understand a business.

This powerful software retrieves the necessary data you need to make compelling, laser targeted proposals to company's that need your solutions!

And within minutes you can start finding warm leads into the business!

Use The Software To Make An Easy $1000!

Do a search of a competitive niche and export the results to PDF.
Next Client can search niches in over 40 countries.
Offer the PDF for $49 to everyone who appears in it.
Email everyone offering the first 10 results for free or email their results to them.
21 sales will make you over $1000! (rince & repeat)

How Easy Is Next Client To Use?
Try It Out For 5 Minutes


Here's What You'll Get With Your Next Client Account
Nothing To Install
Next Client is a one-of-a-kind, high-quality prospecting solution that generates all the information you need to tailor compelling offers to your ideal clients.

It comes in the form of a hosted Wordpress solution and requires almost no tech knowlege on your behalf, just point and click. All updates are automatic and as new features are introduced you can access them immediately.

Each prospecting session can be saved and previous sessions loaded so you can pick up where you left off. Sessions can be exported to PDF and CSV making it easy to setup a database or distribute information.

Next Client can be used to locate clients in any niche and if you offer IT services like hosting, web design, mobile, Wordpress and SEO you will be especially pleased. You get an immediate overview of the web operation with any weak spots highlighted so you can laser target companies who are a great match for your services.

Armed with all this information you are in the best position to approach prospects with a highly streamlined proposal.

The not so obvious gold nuggets here include the plugins, sitemap, businesses they own and businesses who share their server. If they operate multiple businesses then make them a priority and plan to serivce their network. If there are many businesses on the server they are all candidates for hosting deals. If they don't just use free Wordpress plugins they buy plugins. Great news if you sell wordpress plugins. A large sitemap reflects what is important to the business in more detail whereas a small sitemap may reveal it's a clone trying to dominate a niche. Plus there's the more obvious ones like if they don't have a mobile presense well, they need a mobile presense.

It's when you see all the data in front of you get a deep insight into the business. And you get it in seconds not hours.

This allows you to cherry pick the low hanging fruit and get immediate results!
High-Demand Digital Products

Quality products are everything when it comes to making sales and I did my absolute best to round up highly-persuasive copy that SELLS high quality digital products.

The products and sales material are all done-for-you, ready-to-make-cash NOW! Forget about outrageous copywriting fees or fiddling with the copy yourself. Just swipe what works!

A mini editor is included so adding your name and buy buttons is simple.

You have OVER 2000 High Quality Digital Products to sell for 100% profit or give away as a gift to potential clients. Offering something your prospect can benefit from or even sell at no cost is a great way to get in the door or firm up your business relationship.
Video Training & Webinars

Learn the best strategies as used by the top marketers in the business to ramp up sales.

A growing range of video training is included in Next Client.

Some training includes exclusive access to products and services at a fraction of the price they normally cost.

Team Access Available

Next Client can be setup for your team!

Have multiple users operate the software, access the product database and create Wordpress pages.

Just select Multi User System When Ordering.

You Get Your Own Copy

As the software runs inside Wordpress you get your own copy of Wordpress hosted at Next Client! You can use it any way you choose. Create product pages, client pages, anything you want. Or simply prospect.

Install a variety of plugins including those in the digital database and put them to use.
Cancel Anytime

No lock in contracts. You can cancel anytime. Next Client is a monthly subscription. Anytime you want to cancel it simply log into Paypal and cancel the subscription. You'll never be billed again.

However - should you want to rejoin you will be up for the current rate at that time.

Never Pay More

Join today and never experience a price rise for as long as you are a member. Once the launch ends the prices rise significantly and are likely to rise again into the future.

Many SaaS products began at a 10th of their current price. Imagine paying those prices today.

Lock in the best deal right now and NEVER PAY MORE!

Get Next Client Now!

Have We Met?
If we haven't met, I'm Steve Forster. And most of my family and friends call me Stev.

I've provided business services and solutions to everyone from high powered entrepreneurs to uber large corporates over the last 20 years.


When you become a client of mine you get nothing but my absolute support in achieving your business goals.
What Others Have To Say
"Stev Is Right Up At The Top!"

I do appreciate your professionalism & over delivering. A lot of Marketers fall short of giving "value", while they're focusing more on sending one offer after another.

You are clearly, a different breed.

Ken Remley
"#!*$& AMAZING ..."

I think you have a #!*$& AMAZING tool out there and a great system to support it.


"I was lucky enough to get a review access to Next Client!"

and I like what I'm seeing..

I was blown away with the depth and the amount of info I got from the search results

I do not have web services to offer now. Initially, I got WP Prospector to just spy on the competition, but with this new version, the number of opportunities all of a sudden exploded.. I am starting to think differently now, as this can actually provide with me with reoccurring income.

Thanks Stev, Great work

"I Really Like Next Client!"

I have already used it an got my first customer from using this software. It is very easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone trying to look for clients online.

Shawn G. Miller

Shawn G Miller

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We've done all the hard work FOR YOU, so you don't have to.

So how much is it worth to you getting instant access to a complete, point & click software program for your market?

Before you see the scandalous discount, let's sum up what you'll be getting today.

Here's What You'll Get:

What You'll Receive...
#1 - Unrestricted Access To The Next Client Software
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#3 - Strategies & Training
#4 - Run Teams Or Outsource The Prospecting
#5 - Your Own Copy Of Wordpress
#6 - No Lock In Contracts
#7 - Never Pay More - Grandfathered Pricing

Total Value Of This Incredible Package: $290,000.00!

And to be honest, it's well worth such a price.

Still you won't need to pay that, NOT EVEN a fraction of it...

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For an extremely limited time I'd like to give an opportunity for more people to try it out almost risk-free... You don't want to wait!

We want to do something special for you today... something unheard of...

So here it is: your seat price each month will not be $197.00, that would be the regular price.

Just Today, Right Now, You Can Get Your Seat For
Just $1.54 p/day (97 m/o)

Yes, For just $1.54 a day you can get full access to this ground breaking software that will have you closing new clients in no time at all!

Considering just 1 client could pay for the software for a year it's a crazy bargain!

Just think about it for a second. Just landing one client using this software and you'll get your investment back - and make a profit!

Make sure to take action now! The price WILL RISE very soon without notice!

Why It's Just $1.54 p/d?

Here are the main reason we're charging only $1.54 p/d for premium access.

We want every serious B2B sales and marketing professional to get an opportunity to try this software. I love seeing people achieve amazing success, and I want the same for you too!

Love It Or Receive Our 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

Try Next Client risk-free for 7 days and if for any reason you aren't absolutely thrilled with your results, just contact support[at] and I'll refund you every penny. No questions asked, no hassle!

Stev Forster

Be Quick - Seats Are Limited
Rush In To Save Your Spot Before The Price Increases!

The Price will rise very soon...
Money Back Guaranteed
Full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked
100% Secure Checkout
Verified & Secure Checkout via JVZoo. Pay Via Credit Card or PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Be Able To Use it?

There is full, over-the-shoulder video training that will show you step-by-step how to use the software. If you've never used software it make take you 30 minutes to get across everything.

How Soon Will I Get My Investment Back?

Even in the next 24-48 hours. I'm serious! Here's an idea. Use it quickly today, and get in touch with a prospect using the strategies included inside. It's dead simple. This is an absolute "no-brainer".

Can I Sell PLR Or MRR To The Digital Products?

YES. Each product has its own license and most are PLR/MRR licenses.

Do I Need Any Other Accounts?

NO! Your subscription covers any 3rd party data Next Client imports. I highly recommend having social media accounts especially a LinkedIn account to fast track results.

Can I Use It If I Don't Sell IT Products or Services?

YES! No matter what you sell be it to local bricks and mortar clients or global digital clients Next Client can target any niche in iver 40 countries. It is a B2B solution and as long as your prospects have a web presense you'll be able to find them.

To Your Success,
Stev Forster

P.S. You absolutely don't want to delay! The price WILL rise very soon! Instead of paying double you can get the full, ultimate package for only $1.54 p/day. What a saving!

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